New Forest Floors

by Rookie Town

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Tom Beck
Tom Beck thumbnail
Tom Beck "I hope you drown" Favorite track: (sink).
Mike Hynson
Mike Hynson thumbnail
Mike Hynson This has quickly become one of my favorite post-hardcore albums. Can't wait to here more from these guys. Favorite track: valley lily.
Jeff White
Jeff White thumbnail
Jeff White By far one of my favorite bands from the PNW. Raw, amazing vocals and even better instrumental. Favorite track: cactus swan.
Hanna Wilhelm
Hanna Wilhelm thumbnail
Hanna Wilhelm This band is blowing up all over, and for good reason, solid. Favorite track: (sink).
Eddy thumbnail
Eddy The more I listen to New Forest Floors the more I'm enjoying it. Its clear that the band put a lot of effort into this album and it shows well. The songs flow so well together that once I start I cant stop listening till the end. Good work rookie town! you deserve it! :)
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Listen to Shai Hulud.


released December 11, 2012

Recorded/engineered by Ahren Lanfor in Tacoma. Signed, sealed, delivered.



all rights reserved


Rookie Town Bellingham, Washington

Terrible band in need of old time redemption. Handle with a modicum of care; results will vary. Might want to avoid listening all together. Go for a walk. Did that girl just smile at you? Pursue that. She may be the one. Does she like dogs? Good, good. You're in. Don't screw this up. Recalibrate. Breathe. You can do this. I mean, like, internal breaths. You're breathing out loud in an odd way. ... more

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Track Name: (sink)
I hope you drown
The sea that you’ve birthed is wearing me down
Waves so abrasive transmitted by sound
Subversive channels all fall on deaf ears
Waters wash over rendering
New days clear

The sea that you birthed is wearing us down
Track Name: i bet all the bats are hiding in the north and in the east
I’ve come around to drifting landlocked and clutching on to leaves as I pass by
Just for the sake of holding on
Sing out your dead ends and worship meager feats
I run from the songs and the company you keep
Sing out your dead ends and worship meager feats
I can’t live here, I can’t breathe
Left with broken feelings that bite at your knees (they bite at your knees)
I can’t live here, I can’t breathe
Now I can see: you leave me with nothing
Track Name: cactus swan
The landscape’s wrinkles are starting to show
I planted, I toiled, I hoped you could grow
But you won’t change
I had a thought
It starts with you and me getting away
Because our lives fell through what I prayed the earth could contain
We’ve run aground against a stone dislodged by a sea that seeped
In after a city upon a hill embraced a song sight unseen
This place isn’t all it promised me it could be
These are dichotomies

I could’ve never reckoned with
The wrinkles in my landscape are starting to show
And I guess I’m beginning to grow
Outward and inward the grasses and trees fashion a new body to venture on
I had a thought, and it was about running
I’d say that thought still suits me fine most times when
I find myself digging through life one note at a time
If the soil is to be found inside then
I’ll be the first to unearth and grow my source of light
Track Name: gorm storm can't fail me now
These are echoes in mind that remind one of place and time
Or delusions personified
My reservations can’t stop me now
Begin the begin

I’m alone, I’m alone again

I’ve lost my faith in this, or I’ve forgotten it
Misplaced in a mirage of what never was
Torn notebooks, hatred etched in time
But that same passion is still holding here

I feel misplaced in this
I’ve come to accept it
I’ve come to a bend
I’ve come to the conclusion that

You’re bringing me down
I’m bringing me down
We’re bringing me down
We’re bringing me down
Track Name: 33-29
You washed ashore to sweat soaked floors
And carved your name in their tattered beach logs
And now you’ve sucked the air from my lungs

But the waves can beat against the tide
Your call brings storms, of this I’m sure
But refuge comes in the throes of humble pastures
I’ll walk them, I’ll walk them
Even if it means that I’m alone

Where are those earthy chords
Where are the mud-caked throats
I’ll scratch out your lines
They’re not in the words you wrote
Track Name: geo-now
We will break in the sunrise with hands drifting in the wind
Clutching at banks and waiting to begin again
Our toes danced on the river, now I want to go back home
And through the brush I wander, but at least I’m not alone
I think I’ll break in the dawn with one voice that echoes on

Our toes danced on the river, now I want to go back home
And through the brush I wander, but at least I’m not alone

Refuse to drift, refuse to fall in with the current
I’m still alive, and I’ll puncture your songs
But there is light in that mud in that riverbed
Now scrape out that mud and start again
Refuse to drift

Our toes danced on the river
Our toes danced on the river, but now I want to go back home
And through the brush I wander, but at least I’m not alone
Track Name: valley lily
Life comes to a crawl when your hands lock at their hilt and your voice is still the same
And yesterday I could hardly conceive a life in my early twenties
Resting here in a draught, still clutching to the nothing that I’ve built
Inside, outside
I’m still the same as I ever was, still as young as I ever was
All of my life is held in one day
Seasons and hands with no pull close once again
I’m falling apart while standing still
Falling apart while standing still

I’ll cover myself with ash and soil to sleep
Temper dark mornings with faded steps that I keep
And shrug off the feelings that urge me to leave
This place
I’m robbed of progress raising my voice to speak
The future will storm, rain its taunts down at me
A year to rebuild sings its hopes dauntingly
I’m green again
I’m very scared for me

Beholden to stasis, I can only blame me, maybe one day I can get better
Adjust to my scope and all that it contains
Beholden to stasis, I can only blame me, maybe one day I can get better
Uncover the root and hold what it means
Beholden to stasis, I can only blame me, maybe one day I can get better
I’ll dig out my body as life floods over me
Track Name: end pt. 1
I feel I’m still on the precipice of seventeen
Fought for six years and I’ve still not fallen in
Your honesty rings out vacantly
It permeates
And yet I’m holding
I’m holding
Track Name: (breathe)
It’s rising
All the warmth and sincerity can’t fit the same at twenty-three
And yet I still feel something
And yet I’m still around

I’m still around
I hope we ascend to the tops of the trees

We met here, I could’ve sworn we did
With lungs uplifted and taking in
Mountain air with backs to the sky, knees enriched with dirt and life
And eyes set in earnest and cerulean, just waiting on nothing
But now you’ve cast your tongue to the sea
So volatile and yet empty
But I sing with earth and hold to the trees
So I guess that I’ll keep living on
I’ll keep living